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In the Marvel Comics universe, Extremis Iron Man is a version of the superhero Iron Man that appears in the Iron Man: Extremis comic book series. This version of Iron Man was created by writer Warren Ellis and artist Adi Granov, and made its first appearance in Iron Man: Extremis #1 in 2005.

Extremis Iron Man is an upgraded version of the Iron Man armor that is powered by the Extremis virus. This virus allows Tony Stark (Iron Man’s alter ego) to interface with the armor directly, using his own body as a control system. This allows him to control the armor with his thoughts, and also gives him enhanced physical abilities such as enhanced strength and speed.

In addition to these enhancements, the Extremis armor also has a number of other advanced features, such as the ability to self-repair and adapt to different environments. It is also able to transform into a more compact form, allowing Stark to carry it with him in a suitcase.

Despite its many benefits, the Extremis virus also has some drawbacks. It can be deadly if not properly controlled, and it also makes Stark more vulnerable to attacks on his mind. Despite these risks, Stark continues to use the Extremis armour in his fight against evil.