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Yelena Belova is a fictional character in the Marvel Comics Universe. She is a Russian spy and assassin who has been a member of the KGB, the Winter Soldier program, and the Avengers. She first appeared in Inhumans Vol. 3 #5 (1998), written by Steve Epting and illustrated by Todd Nauck.

Yelena Belova was born in Russia and trained as a spy and assassin from a young age. She was recruited by the KGB and became one of their top agents, excelling in various forms of combat and espionage. She was also subjected to the Winter Soldier program, which used brainwashing and conditioning to turn her into a highly skilled and deadly assassin.

After the fall of the Soviet Union, Yelena became a freelance operative, working for various organizations and governments around the world. She eventually came into conflict with the Avengers and was defeated by them, but she later joined the team as a member and proved to be a valuable ally.

As a member of the Avengers, Yelena used her skills and training to help the team in their battles against various threats. She was also involved in various personal struggles, including dealing with the aftermath of her experiences in the Winter Soldier program and her complicated relationship with the other Avengers. Despite her many successes, Yelena eventually left the team and returned to her life as a freelance operative.