How to Tighten Loose Joints on Marvel Legends Action Figures

Marvel Legends are cherished by both kids and adults globally. However, frequent handling and play can lead to loosened joints over time, hindering their ability to hold dynamic poses. Here’s a guide to fixing loose joints on your action figures: Tightening Ball Joints Tightening Swivel Joints Alternate Method for Swivel Joints Tips: Warnings:

Artist Picture of the Day

Action Figure Photography - Modok

Every day we will highlight 1 artist, across all our socials, website and groups and look to promote their channels to all the accounts our content reaches Threnody for a Reformed D*ck Artist – @popculturism Link – Please click the link and give the community members a follow, it makes your insta feeds, Facebook […]

Heralds of Galactus

So who do you want to see next released from the plethora of heralds and who do we have so far? Silver Surfer Norrin Radd, The SIlver Surfer served Galactus well for several decades (likely almost 100 years), enjoying exploring the wonders of the universe; however, it became increasingly difficult for Radd to find energy-rich worlds devoid […]