Blade Head Alternative?

Marvel Legends Blade

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One of the annoying factors with the latest release is the head / face is stuck in a screaming expression. Annoyingly Blade didn’t come with an alternative head (other than the Mindless One BAF Head)

In a dynamic pose he looks fantastic, and in displays he will also pop, however if you are an avid pic taker of your figures, it could mean that at times you need a more relaxed look.

One quick and cheap option is head swapping with the Blue Marvel, Marvel Legends Figure, reletively cheap to buy (around £10-£12) so the cost of an unpainted custom 3d printed head – whilst the head doesnt give you snipes vibes, what it automatically does though is give you the look from the 90’s Spider-Man the Animated Series

Credit to Shawn (group member) for showcasing a couple of head swaps that could work for an alternate display

What’s your thoughts on the head swap?

How do you rate the Blade figure? Did you order him in or miss the boat?

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