Ryan Gosling Still Wants to Play One of Marvels Most Fiery Characters

I told Josh Id like to play Ghost Rider, actor Ryan Gosling says in a new interview posted on X this morning. Well, after the revelation, Emily Blunt sitting right next to Gosling called her co-star from The Fall Guy a turncoat. Please keep the context in mind, as Blunt and Ryan Gosling spoke, and […]

Marvel’s Agatha Spinoff & Ironheart Series Get Premiere Dates

After much anticipation, the Agatha Harkness (Kathryn Hahn) spin-off show, now officially titled Agatha All Along, and the Disney+ series Ironheart have been given official release windows. Agatha Harkness first debuted in the debut Disney+ MCU series WandaVision, and was quickly given her own series following the character’s immense popularity – thanks in large part […]

Chris Hemsworth Blasts Actors Who Star in the MCU…and Then Criticize It Later

Thor star Chris Hemsworth has criticized some of his fellow Marvel actors, saying he gets annoyed when they star in an MCU outing and then bash them afterwards. Speaking with The Times, Hemsworth, who has starred as Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe since 2011, disapproves of the actors who want to join the hugely […]

Galactus Actor Breaks Silence on Joining the MCU in Fantastic Four

As if the cast of Fantastic Four wasn’t already, well, fantastic enough, Marvel Studios recently announced that Ralph Ineson will be lending his legendary voice to one of Marvel’s most dangerous villains, Galactus. Following the announcement, Ineson took to social media to confirm the report and joke with fans about the upcoming role. In a […]

MCU Output Will Be Slashed by Half in New Plans Unveiled by Disney’s Bob Iger

While the Marvel Cinematic Universe began with very few hiccups, in recent years the MCU has had to deal with criticisms regarding an over-saturated market. Between the films and TV series that debuted on Disney+, following along became more of a job for fans and some believed that the quality of the productions began to […]

Introducing the Latest Marvel Legends: Celebrating 85 Years with Venom!

marvel venom

Hasbro unveils its latest gem for Marvel enthusiasts: the 85th Anniversary Venom Figure. As part of the celebration of Marvel Comics’ 85 years of iconic storytelling, Hasbro introduces a new lineup of Marvel Legends figures, and IGN has the exclusive reveal of the newest addition to the Marvel 85th Anniversary line – the stunning Venom […]

Hugh Jackman Says Finally Wearing Yellow Wolverine Suit ‘Felt So Right’

As well as finally bringing Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) and Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Deadpool & Wolverine is also suiting Logan up in his iconic yellow suit. Through the intervention of the Time Variance Authority (TVA), the pair are being dropped in the middle of the MCU and pitted against Cassandra Nova […]