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Cracking open figure torsos is a common challenge in the hobby, essential for preventing paint rub and simplifying painting by isolating body parts. There’s no one-size-fits-all method, so experiment to find what works best for you.

Tools needed for this tutorial:

  • Screwdriver

Before and After: Cracking open Radioactive Man from the Target Exclusive 3-pack.

Its recommended to also submerge the arms and legs in hot water to soften the plastic and remove the pins from the sockets to take apart the limbs

Find the chest’s seam: Bend the figure forward to access the chest’s seam near the ab crunch.

Jam in the screwdriver: Slide the screwdriver between the waist piece and chest, aligning it with the seam.

Do the Twist: Twist the screwdriver to crack the torso along the seam, applying pressure to ensure a clean break. Use the waist part as a fulcrum if needed.

Open the chest: If the halves separate, repeat the process on the other side. Pry the halves apart to continue splitting up to the neck, avoiding warping the plastic.

This method minimises damage, avoiding unsightly holes that drilling can cause. While not foolproof, it’s worth trying first. Share your experiences and remember to customise at your own risk. Safety is crucial; seek adult permission for potentially dangerous techniques mentioned in these tutorials. Figure Realm and tutorial authors are not liable for injuries or damages resulting from attempts to follow suggestions.

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