Introducing the Latest Marvel Legends: Celebrating 85 Years with Venom!

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Hasbro unveils its latest gem for Marvel enthusiasts: the 85th Anniversary Venom Figure. As part of the celebration of Marvel Comics’ 85 years of iconic storytelling, Hasbro introduces a new lineup of Marvel Legends figures, and IGN has the exclusive reveal of the newest addition to the Marvel 85th Anniversary line – the stunning Venom figure.

Get an up-close look at the Marvel Legends Series Venom (Marvel 85th Anniversary) figure in the slideshow gallery below. Standing at the standard 6-inch scale characteristic of the Marvel Legends series, this figure showcases the beloved Eddie Brock incarnation of Venom. It comes equipped with various interchangeable hands and two heads, offering both a grinning expression and one with the menacing tongue extended.

Packaged with a retro Spider-Man cardback reminiscent of the classic ’90s Toy Biz line, this Venom figure distinguishes itself with a couple of notable upgrades. Unlike its predecessor from the retro Spider-Man line, this version omits the Spider-Man: The Animated Series-inspired red and blue shading. Moreover, it boasts an enhanced inverted diaphragm torso piece, enabling an even broader range of articulation compared to previous iterations of Venom figures.

Excitingly, the Marvel Legends Series Venom (Marvel 85th Anniversary) figure is an exclusive release at Walmart in both the US and Canada. Priced at $24.99, and Majority of UK E-Tailers for £29.99 this collectible masterpiece is set to hit the shelves in the summer of 2024, promising Marvel fans a thrilling addition to their collections.

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