Marvel Legends Fantastic Four Pack: Wolverine and Spider-Man Join Forces!

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Get ready to swing into action with the latest Marvel Legends release: the Wolverine and Spider-Man 2-pack! This dynamic duo brings together two iconic heroes in true Fantastic Four style, and it’s available for preorder now at just £49.99. Hasbro has unveiled this exciting addition to the Marvel Legends Series, featuring none other than Wolverine and Spider-Man, inspired by their appearances in Marvel’s Fantastic Four comics.

Preorder your Marvel Legends Fantastic Four Wolverine and Spider-Man 2-pack now on Hasbro Pulse for £49.99, with shipping expected in August 2024. In these figures, Spider-Man and Wolverine don their iconic Fantastic Four blue suits, embodying the essence of Marvel’s coolest team-up. With over 20 points of articulation, these fully poseable figures allow you to recreate classic poses or imagine new adventures right on your shelves.

But what’s a hero without their tools—or in this case, hands? This pack takes it up a notch by including 6 accessories, providing alternate hands for each figure. This clever addition enables a variety of dynamic poses, bringing our beloved characters to life like never before.

The backstory behind these figures adds an extra layer of excitement. When the Fantastic Four face an alien threat and need backup, who better to call than the web-slinging Spider-Man and the fierce Wolverine? This pack is essentially the Marvel equivalent of a buddy cop movie, but with more spandex and less paperwork. Spider-Man and Wolverine are here to demonstrate that when it comes to saving the day, two heads (and sets of superpowers) are better than one.

Whether you’re a seasoned collector or new to the world of Marvel Legends, the Wolverine and Spider-Man 2-pack is a must-have addition. Make space in your personal Danger Room or on your web-slinging skyline—these figures are ready to leap into your collection, bringing all the action and adventure of the Fantastic Four comics along with them.

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