Marvel Legends Hawkeye and Sky Cycle

Marvel Legends Hawkeye and Sky Cycle

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Marvel Legends has just revealed their newest addition to the Avengers lineup: Hawkeye with Sky Cycle! This impressive figure captures the iconic character in all his glory, complete with his trusty ride.

For those unfamiliar with Hawkeye, he is a skilled marksman and member of the Avengers team, known for his bow and arrow and incredible agility. The addition of his Sky Cycle only adds to his already impressive arsenal.

The figure itself stands at 6 inches tall, and the attention to detail is truly remarkable. Hawkeye’s costume is accurate to his comic book appearance, with his signature purple and blue colour scheme and sleek design, not to mention the cloth soft goods to allow him to sit comfortably. The Sky Cycle is also basic detailed, and comes in 3 pieces which pop together.

The figure is highly posable, with multiple points of articulation that allow for a wide range of action-packed displays. Whether you want to recreate your favourite moments from the comics or create your own dynamic scenes, this figure can do it all.

One of the standout features of this figure is the addition of Hawkeye’s bow and arrow. The bow is highly detailed and features a string that can actually be pulled back, allowing for realistic shooting poses. the vast of the figure is significantly different from the original retro release, new body, pin less joints, arrows look to be pinned in the back but with a shoulder strap in place. This is a major upgrade

Overall, the Hawkeye with Sky Cycle Marvel Legends figure is a must-have for any Avengers or Marvel fan. The attention to detail, posability, and impressive design of both the figure and Sky Cycle make this a standout addition to the Marvel Legends lineup. Whether you’re a collector or just a fan of the character, this figure is definitely one to add to your collection.

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