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EARTH X TPB [NEW PRINTING] (Trade Paperback)

EARTH X TPB [NEW PRINTING] (Trade Paperback)

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Great epics come along only once in a long while. Stories that push the normal boundaries and force the reader to think. Stories so powerful in message and so grand in scale that the guidelines by which such tales are usually judged are completely rearranged. Spawned from the brilliant creative mind of Alex Ross, EARTH X is one such epic. Along with writer Jim Krueger and artist John Paul Leon, Ross breathes life into and gives amazing detail to every facet of the EARTH X mythos - made evident by everything from his early conceptual pencil sketches to each of his fourteen beautifully painted covers. EARTH X explores the depths and heights of the Marvel Universe, from the roots of its humble beginnings to the peak of its ultimate potential. <br>Collects all twelve issues of the EARTH X regular series, and the #0 and #X bookends. <br>472 PGS./Rated T+ ...$29.99 <br>ISBN: 0-7851-2325-3 <br>

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