Surprise Twist: Creator Beau DeMayo Axed from ‘X-Men ’97’ Right Before Premiere

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In a twist of events right before the highly anticipated debut of a beloved franchise revival, writer-producer Beau DeMayo, known for his work on ‘Moon Knight’ and ‘Blade’, has been abruptly let go from the project, leaving fans puzzled and intrigued.

Just weeks ago, Beau DeMayo was deeply entrenched in the world of Marvel Studios, gearing up for the launch of ‘X-Men ’97’, a Disney+ series he had crafted as a continuation of the cherished ’90s Fox Kids show. With season two already penned and talks buzzing about future installments, DeMayo was at the forefront of preparations, eyeing the show’s Hollywood premiere scheduled for March 13.

However, in an unexpected turn, Marvel and DeMayo parted ways early last week. His departure came suddenly, with his company email deactivated and his online presence, once a hub of X-Men updates, wiped clean without explanation.

While it’s not uncommon for studios to part ways with writers, the timing of DeMayo’s exit, mere days before the show’s March 20 debut, raised eyebrows. Typically, key creatives are present at premieres and involved in promotional activities, making this deviation from the norm noteworthy.

DeMayo’s hiring by Marvel in November 2021 had sparked excitement, as he brought a unique perspective as a gay Black man to the project. His personal experiences, growing up as the adopted son of white parents with a Korean sister in the South, lent a deeply personal touch to his approach, resonating with fans and press alike.

Despite his prolific presence on social media, which had garnered him attention and accolades, including being hailed as “the Sexy, Gay Marvel Writer & Showrunner to Know” by LGBTQ publication Out, DeMayo had faced challenges online during the making of the series. Controversy arose in May 2023 over casting choices, leading to DeMayo announcing the deletion of his Twitter account.

‘X-Men ’97’ continues the saga of ‘X-Men: The Animated Series’, a beloved staple of ’90s television that introduced a generation to mutant heroes and set the stage for the blockbuster X-Men films. With several original voice actors returning, the nostalgia factor has propelled anticipation for the series to new heights.

DeMayo’s personal connection to the show was evident, reflecting on how the characters and themes resonated with him growing up. His departure leaves fans curious about the future of ‘X-Men ’97’ and the creative direction it will take without his guiding hand.

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