X-Men 97

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X-Men: The Animated Series, also known as X-Men ’97, is a beloved animated series that first aired in 1992. The show was ground breaking in its portrayal of the popular Marvel Comics superhero team and quickly became a fan favourite. Now, over 30 years later, a new generation of fans is eagerly anticipating the upcoming X-Men ’97 series, which promises to continue the story of the original show.

The original X-Men animated series was notable for its mature themes and complex storylines, which were unusual for a cartoon aimed at children. The show tackled issues such as discrimination, prejudice, and bigotry head-on, as well as exploring the personal struggles of the X-Men themselves. The show’s mix of action, drama, and social commentary made it a hit with viewers of all ages.

X-Men ’97 will pick up where the original series left off, continuing the stories of the iconic mutant heroes. The new series will feature the same voice cast as the original, including Cal Dodd as Wolverine, Lenore Zann as Rogue, and George Buza as Beast. The animation style will also remain faithful to the original, with the show’s distinctive character designs and dynamic action sequences.

Fans of the original series will be delighted to know that X-Men ’97 promises to be a true continuation of the story, rather than a reboot or reimagining. The show’s creators have stated that they plan to pick up where the original series left off and explore new storylines and character arcs that were never fully developed in the original show.

One of the most exciting aspects of X-Men ’97 is the potential for new characters to appear. The original series introduced many fan-favourite characters from the comics, such as Gambit, Jubilee, and Bishop, and the new series is expected to introduce even more. The X-Men universe is vast and full of interesting characters, and fans are eager to see who will show up in the new series.

X-Men ’97 is set to premiere on Disney+ in 2023, and fans are eagerly counting down the days until they can revisit the world of the X-Men once again. The original series is still beloved by fans today, and the new series promises to be a worthy continuation of the story. With its mix of action, drama, and social commentary, X-Men ’97 is sure to be a hit with viewers of all ages.

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