Marvel Legends Haslab Giant Man

Marvel Legends HasLab Giant Man Reveal

A Tall Order for Hasbro Hasbro’s Dwight Stall has unveiled another tantalising glimpse into the eagerly awaited Haslab Giant-Man figure with a fresh image showcasing recent adjustments made to the neck articulation. Several moons have passed since the Giant-Man prototype made its debut at NYCC. Now, we’re excited to share images of the refined neck […]

Action Figure Photography

Each week we will be showcasing all the fantastic pics we are tagged in across the social streams. we want to raise awareness of these fantastic artists and the work they create. Guardians Of The Galaxy – action_figure_geek89 (Don Viveck) ” Hi. We’re the Guardians of The Galaxy, I think we can help” ~ Star […]

Disney+ UK Subscription Price Increase Sparks Confusion Among Subscribers

In a whirlwind of confusion and surprise, Disney+ subscribers in the UK are now facing the reality of the platform’s price hike, months after the initial announcement, as renewal notices flood their inboxes. Back in November 2023, Disney+ made waves by announcing adjustments to its UK subscription prices, marking a significant shift in its pricing […]

How to Tighten Loose Joints on Marvel Legends Action Figures

Marvel Legends are cherished by both kids and adults globally. However, frequent handling and play can lead to loosened joints over time, hindering their ability to hold dynamic poses. Here’s a guide to fixing loose joints on your action figures: Tightening Ball Joints Tightening Swivel Joints Alternate Method for Swivel Joints Tips: Warnings:


Doctor Doom Leading Two-Part Avengers Secret Wars? It’s official: Avengers King Dynasty is no more, as Marvel Studios is retitling the fifth Avengers film to move away from Kang and is making moves to either minimise the character or excise him entirely after Jonathan Majors was convicted in December. This, according to a Hollywood Reporter […]

Hasbro Reveal New Marvel Legends

Marvel Legends 2024 Reveals

Introduction A Closer Look at the Reveals Hasbro recently gave fans a sneak peek into its forthcoming lineup for the Marvel Legends series, and it’s nothing short of exhilarating. The unveiling presents a diverse array of characters spanning from Spider-Man and the X-Men to Captain America characters and beyond, promising an eclectic mix that will […]

Henry Cavill signs deal with Marvel, sets Internet ablaze

The entertainment world has been set abuzz with the latest news of Henry Cavill, the iconic Superman from DC’s cinematic universe, crossing over to its competitor, Marvel. With fans eagerly awaiting his next move after his departure from the DC franchise, this unexpected turn of events has sparked excitement and speculation across the internet. Henry […]

X-Men Fans Defend Inclusion of Morph, a Non-Binary Character

XMen 97 News

Marvel recently unveiled the trailer for its much-anticipated series “X-Men ’97,” set to debut on Disney+ this March 20th. However, the excitement surrounding the revival has been met with criticism, particularly regarding the inclusion of Morph, a non-binary character. “X-Men ’97,” announced in November 2021, promises to continue the story from where the original animated […]

Marvel Studios Reveal The Fantastic Four Cast

Marvel Studios' #TheFantasticFour, in theaters July 25, 2025.

After much anticipation and speculation, the studio has officially announced the lineup for the upcoming film, now titled “The Fantastic Four.” Leading the pack is Pedro Pascal (known for his roles in “The Last of Us” and “Game of Thrones”) as Reed Richards, better known as Mr. Fantastic. Joining him is Vanessa Kirby (from “Mission: […]