Marvel Legends Joe Fix It deluxe figure for sale

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REVIEW: Marvel Legends Joe Fixit Hulk Walmart Exclusive Figure

Joe Fixit, the Las Vegas Mob Enforcer, ranks quite low on my list of preferred Hulk versions. I didn’t particularly regret missing the Joe Fixit BAF from the Marvel Legends GamerVerse series in 2020. However, being able to acquire him as a Marvel Legends 2023 Walmart Exclusive — without purchasing unnecessary Iron Man and Captain America variants — made this Grey Hulk iteration more intriguing. Now that I possess this figure, let’s discuss whether the mobster Hulk (not monster) was worth it.

Peter David has been a staple in my comic book reading over the years. However, I sometimes disagreed with his creative choices. His rendition of Gray Hulk as Joe Fixit, the Las Vegas mob enforcer, was one such divergent decision. It felt a touch too eccentric for Hulk’s character.

Walmart Joe Fixit Marvel Legends Box Front Exclusive

I initially overlooked the video game-based figure version three years ago, and it barely crossed my mind until the “Walmart Collector Con” edition was unveiled this year. Seeing a more comic-oriented Joe Fixit being released individually seemed like the perfect opportunity to reconsider. The Walmart Joe Fixit Legends figure comes in eco-friendly cardboard packaging.

Unboxing Marvel Legends Grey Hulk Joe Fixit Walmart Collector Con Exclusive

Joe Fixit comes with two little baggies of accessories that include his head with hat, fists and (two-piece) gun. It’s not a lot of accessories, but it’s plenty to add a lot of options and flavour to the figure.

Despite its familiar appearance, the package’s weight might surprise you due to the hefty figure inside. The meticulously painted pinstripes on the suit are a highlight. Joe Fixit is accessorised with a hat, fists, and a two-part gun. These might not be numerous, but they offer ample versatility for the figure

Walmart Collector Con 2023 Joe Fixit Marvel Legends Figure and Accessories

he default face is exceptional, displaying one of the most malevolent smiles I’ve ever observed on a Hasbro Marvel Legends action figure. It’s my definitive choice for exhibition. Additionally, the two-piece Tommy gun and the head donning the gangster hat are praiseworthy, although I might not always display them.

As you might expect from a Build-A-Figure wearing a suit, ML Joe Fixit Hulk isn’t the world’s most articulated action figure. But to my surprise, I still feel pretty okay about the articulation set, which includes:

Box Back Walmart Marvel Legends Joe Fixit Exclusive Toy

Ball-Hinge Head, Shoulders, Knees and Elbows
Swivel-Hinge Wrists
Swivel Thighs
Hinged Shoes with Rockers

It’s possible there’s waist or upper torso articulation under the suit, but it’s inhibited so much that I can’t utilise it if there is such. The lack of swivel biceps is the most glaring omission to me, though.

Regardless, I think the articulation is adequate for a monster wearing a suit. Joe Fixit Hulk’s fancy black dress shoes look awesome, and it’s pleasantly easy to stand him up stably on them.

Despite his elegant appearance, the ML Joe Fixit Hulk figure has limited articulation. But, to my amazement, the articulation feels quite sufficient. The stylish black dress shoes not only look fabulous but also ensure that the figure stands firmly.

To sum up, the Marvel Legends Joe Fixit Hulk is undeniably a case where patience pays off. This standalone release is a colossal step up from its Build-A-Figure predecessor. While the GamerVerse version seemed bland, the newer comic-based pinstriped suit adds unexpected zest to the character. The cheerful face without the hat and the Tommy gun significantly enhance the overall feel. Although the figure’s movement range is somewhat limited, it stands out as an excellent representation of this Hulk version. It’s an upgrade I hadn’t anticipated from Hasbro, but I’m grateful they delivered.

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