Spider-Man Exclusive Amazing Fantasy Retro Marvel Legends 


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Amazing Fantasy #15, released in August 1962, stands as a monumental landmark in Marvel Comics history. This issue marked the debut of Spider-Man, forever transforming the landscape of superhero narratives. Over the years, Spider-Man has climbed to the pinnacle of superhero stardom, making him one of the most recognized and adored characters globally.

In homage to this icon, Hasbro commemorated the 60th anniversary of our beloved web-slinger last year by unveiling an array of new Marvel Legends figures. Among these figures was a distinct rendition inspired by Spider-Man’s appearance in Amazing Fantasy #15, characterised by a rich blend of dark red and blue. This fan-favorite figure has made a comeback, this time as a Marvel Legend Retro exclusive at Target. This revamped figure features the same array of accessories, but with a fresh blue spider emblem emblazoned on Spider-Man’s back. As an added touch, it comes in a stunning retro card back packaging. Fans eager to snag this collectible can anticipate its pre-order release on 15th September

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