Marvel Legends New Arrival Detroit Steel

Marvel Legends Detroit Steel

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Justin Hammer (Crimson Cowl) and Sasha Hammer designed the Detroit Steel armour as Hammer’s counter to the Iron Man armour, which belongs to their rival company, Stark Resilient. They enlisted Lieutenant Doug Johnson to test their prototype and mentor their Steelcorps pilots. During the events of “Fear Itself”, Doug was tragically turned to stone. Upon his recovery, he discovered he had been mistakenly considered deceased. Determined, he attempted to retrieve his armor, only to find out that Sasha had already taken it for herself. In a grim turn of events, she ended his life to maintain her possession of the armour.

Hasbro have taken up the task to recreate this character and bring him to life in Legends format.

Adopting pieces from the Iron-Monger and Hydra-Stomper BAF this build looks superb. Odd to release as a deluxe though and not part of a wave like Dark Reign?

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