First look at Wilson Bethel’s Bullseye suit in ‘DAREDEVIL: BORN AGAIN’.

Leaked Bullseye New Costume from DareDevil Born Again

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Set photos have started to emerge on ‘X” for the New Disney+ Series DareDevil: Born Again. Last week we managed to see Murdock, Foggy and Karen which highlighted the return of the Netflix shows trio after rumours were they were not to return, however rumours are Disney could still plan to kill them off.

Now we have on set pics of Wilson Bethals “Bullseye” who is making his return to the series. The outfit looks like its taken from DareDevil #18, by Chip Zdarsky

Bullseye’s latest costume marks a departure from his iconic attire, as it ditches the traditional suit altogether. Instead, the sharpshooter opts for a more practical ensemble, sporting jeans paired with a tactical top adorned with his emblem. Completing the ensemble is a cowl covering his head while leaving his face exposed. Notably, he now sports holsters strapped to his chest and waist, accommodating a formidable array of knives, along with gloves to enhance his throwing precision.

This updated look for Bullseye is a departure from tradition but showcases a clever adaptation of elements from his classic costume. The attire exudes a vibe of a seasoned professional assassin, lending him a distinct presence amidst characters like Rhino and Stilt-Man.

Bullseye’s Original Costume

Bullseye’s classic appearance serves as the blueprint for nearly every subsequent costume iteration. It’s an unmistakable supervillain ensemble that speaks volumes about the character’s sinister intentions. Featuring a full-face cowl, black spandex, and prominent bullseye motifs adorning his collar, the design hints at his nefarious nature. The distinctive white gloves, boots, and holster on his side further emphasize his identity as a lethal individual, always armed and ready.

Debuting in Marv Wolfman and Bob Brown’s Daredevil #131 in 1976, Bullseye has sporadically donned this iconic costume over the years. The stark contrast of black and white in the outfit conveys an aura of stealth and menace, evoking the image of a foe who strikes unseen until it’s too late.

Bullseye’s 2017 Costume

Bullseye’s attire in his 2017 solo series by Ed Brisson and Guillermo Sanna Bauza retains the essence of his original costume while introducing subtle improvements. Notably, the removal of the enigmatic yellow rectangles that sporadically adorned his ensemble enhances the overall color scheme, offering a more cohesive appearance.

In their absence, a blue chest area emerges, providing much-needed contrast and definition to the outfit beyond the iconic bullseye motif. The incorporation of this color alteration imbues the costume with a modern, utilitarian aesthetic, particularly evident in Bullseye’s updated pants. This revamped look leans towards a more soldier-like appearance rather than purely villainous, thanks to these thoughtful adjustments.

Bullseye’s Movie Costume

Bullseye’s attire in the 2003 Daredevil movie represents a significant departure from his classic appearance, yet oddly shares similarities with his latest look. Portrayed more as a streetwise gangster than a professional hitman, the movie version features a silver chain, black tank top, jeans, and a long leather duster. Interestingly, after Colin Farrell sported this ensemble on the silver screen, Bullseye briefly adopted a similar style in the comic book Marvel Universe.

Despite deviating from Bullseye’s usual costumes, the core elements of the outfit—black top and pants—align with his newest look. In isolation, it presents a perfectly acceptable appearance, allowing Bullseye to blend into a crowd if necessary, albeit with the notable addition of the distinctive leather duster and bullseye scar on his forehead. However, when juxtaposed with adversaries clad in flamboyant devil costumes, the concept of this attire feels somewhat mismatched, akin to Bullseye’s latest costume.

Like any iconic character, Bullseye undergoes periodic updates to maintain relevance. While renowned for his unerring accuracy on the battlefield, only time will reveal if Bullseye’s latest look will prove as successful.

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