Ghost Rider

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We know the announcement for the next Marvel Legends Haslab campaign which will have something to do with Ghost Rider’s 50th Anniversary will be coming sometime in September, but when in September remains unknown. Hasbro’s Ryan Ting posted this image stating he was back in the HasbroPulse studio today recording with a vengeance.

The images show the most recent Ghost Rider figures Hasbro has done or is doing for the Marvel Legends line. It’s probably safe to assume they are currently recording the Ghost Rider Haslab announcement video which might make one think the announcement could come as early as this week or next.

September 30th is when Hasbro Pulse-Con will begin and it’s certainly possible they could wait until then to announce and launch the next Marvel Legends campaign, but I am thinking the announcement will come before that event and likely will be made sometime during the middle of the month.

So far there have been no additional clues as to what the campaign will actually feature other than it being Ghost Rider themed and the accessories they had out during SDCC that appeared to belong to Robbie Reyes. We also know Johnny Blaze is getting a single release on retro card back. So the most likely theory right now is the Haslab will offer a new Robbie Rayes Ghost Rider with his car, but of course we will have to continue to wait and see if that turns out to be true or not. We of course will update you here when more details do become available.

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