Hasbro Live Stream 06/11/2022

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Today’s live stream was all about the X gene and whats to come in 2023. As an X-Men fan and completion collector, this was the perfect stream for us personally.

The Legends team kicked off with showing us a few figures we had already seen with a couple of thrown in additions.

First up was the Villains box set, more in hand images from the Legends team, highlighting which figure from the box set was their highest rated

Marvel Legends Villains 5 Pack

Next up was the first of 2 Marvel Legends 3 Packs, Uncanny X-Men 275 Yellow and Blue Suits Gambit, Banshee and newly revealed Psylocke! This was the first we have heard of a new Psylocke being released and the head looks a little different to the 3 Pack Nimrod version or the single release from the Apocalypse BAF

Following the first Uncanny X-Men 3 pack followed the second 3 pack in the series

Again, we had already seen 1 of the 3 figures, and today added to the mix was Forge and Jubilee

That brings the team to 7 when you include the single retro carded Wolverine

The next reveal was spotted in a set up video (most likely done on purpose) led on his back with his huge belly in the air.

The Blob (Fred Dukes)

A huge want for many as the Build a Figure is pricey and hard to come by. Many collectors with the OG Blob in their collectors (like us) have just lost a few quid on this release being announced. Great to see other collectors getting the chance. to complete and round out the brotherhood of evil mutants

Next up was the reveal of a figure that not many was expecting, Outback Rogue. New printed face tech used so quite possibly a pick up for collectors to head swap on to their retro carded rogue

Marvel Legends Outback Rogue

Nice looking figure but our prediction on this is that she will more than likely peg warm at £27 and many would then look to pick her up in the sales

Next up, Spring retailer exclusives from the spider-verse. Kraven the Hunter in his Spider-Man the. animated series colours

Marvel Legends Kraven the Hunter

Next up was the Gamerverse release of a figure we have already had, however this one is coming equipped with a lot of extras

Gamerverse Spider-Man

Comes complete with multiple web accessories and alternate hands – still no unmasked Gamerverse Peter Parker head.

We then jumped to the Legends team draft pick for 2022, which means thats everything we are getting this year and we close off the 2022 series on the site.

After the draft we was teased with more bendy wires for 2023 having already got the bendy wire tail in Lizard and Scorpion.

Next we jumped into the Gen X series which was revealed as a full wave minus the BAF. The wave was impressive and we can see a lot of collectors clambering for this set

The set consisted of Corsair, Astonishing Cyclops, Astonishing Emma Frost, Chamber, Kid Omega, Monet St. Croix and Fang.

To finish the stream off the team revealed 3 items for their next surprise Legends, We want to know who you think they belong to?

A Golf Club, A Single Red Rose and an Alien looking creature….

Full video of the live stream can be found over on youtube or just click below to watch

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