Hasbro Reveal New Marvel Legends

Marvel Legends 2024 Reveals

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  • Delving into Hasbro’s Marvel Legends Lineup
  • A Diverse Array of Characters Revealed

A Closer Look at the Reveals

  1. Spider-Man VHS Animated Series
    • New Figures from “Spider-Man: The Animated Series”
    • Introduction of Doctor Strange and Morbius
  2. Captain America’s Return
    • Sam Wilson and Steve Rogers Figures
    • The Unique Twist with Hydra-Brainwashed Steve Rogers
  3. Fantastic Four Duo
    • Spider-Man and Wolverine in Their Classic Suits
    • Nostalgic Vibes with Iconic Characters
  4. Classic Villains
    • Baron Zemo and Arnim Zola Reimagined
    • Return to the Classic Comics Era
  5. The Unconventional Wave
    • The General Wave of Marvel Legends
    • A Diverse Mix of Characters Without a Central Theme
  6. Obscure Choices Shine
    • Introduction of Ikaris, Cable, and Ka-Zar
    • Embracing the Marvel Universe’s Diversity
  7. Build-A-Figure Excitement
    • Zabu the Saber-Tooth Tiger Unveiled
    • Unique Bonus for Ka-Zar Set

Hasbro recently gave fans a sneak peek into its forthcoming lineup for the Marvel Legends series, and it’s nothing short of exhilarating. The unveiling presents a diverse array of characters spanning from Spider-Man and the X-Men to Captain America characters and beyond, promising an eclectic mix that will surely delight enthusiasts.

During the latest Hasbro Pulse stream, a multitude of new figures slated for release over the upcoming months were revealed, offering enthusiasts a glimpse into what’s to come. Despite the absence of MCU-centric figures, the showcased lineup is a treasure trove for comic book aficionados. Notable highlights include a Spider-Man: The Animated Series two-pack featuring Doctor Strange and Morbius, along with two new Captain America figures depicting Sam Wilson and a unique iteration of Steve Rogers. Additionally, fans can anticipate a dynamic duo pack showcasing Spider-Man and Wolverine donning their iconic Fantastic Four attire, alongside a reissue of the original Baron Zemo and Arnim Zola in their classic comic book colour schemes.

However, the most intriguing revelation comes in the form of the general wave of Marvel Legends figures available for pre-order. Unlike previous releases centered around specific teams or movies, this wave boasts a captivating mix of characters. From a comics-inspired rendition of Ikaris to a Cable design reminiscent of Marvel vs. Capcom, the assortment is nothing short of eclectic. Notably, the inclusion of Ka-Zar of the Savage Land adds an unexpected twist, accompanied by his loyal companion, Zabu the saber-tooth tiger, as the build-a-figure bonus. While this assortment may seem peculiar at first glance, it offers a refreshing spotlight on lesser-known comic book characters, much to the delight of enthusiasts.

Enthusiasts eager to secure their favorite figures can mark their calendars for the pre-order launch on Hasbro Pulse, scheduled for February 22nd at 1 p.m. ET. The Zabu build-a-figure wave, featuring Cable, Wolfsbane, Ikaris, Red Widow, Ka-Zar, Black Winter, and Superior Iron Man, promises an exciting lineup that caters to diverse tastes within the Marvel fandom. Stay tuned for further updates on pre-orders for additional reveals and don’t miss out on the opportunity to add these iconic characters to your collection!


Hasbro’s latest unveilings for its Marvel Legends series showcase a diverse and captivating lineup that appeals to fans of all ages. From classic characters to unexpected additions, the forthcoming releases promise excitement and nostalgia in equal measure. With pre-orders set to go live soon, now is the perfect time for enthusiasts to prepare to expand their collections and embark on new adventures with their favourite heroes and villains.

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  1. When will the pre-orders for the Marvel Legends figures go live? Pre-orders for the Marvel Legends figures are scheduled to go live on Hasbro Pulse on February 22nd at 1 p.m. ET.
  2. What characters are included in the Zabu build-a-figure wave? The Zabu build-a-figure wave features Cable, Wolfsbane, Ikaris, Red Widow, Ka-Zar, Black Winter, and Superior Iron Man.
  3. Are there any MCU figures included in the upcoming releases? No, the upcoming releases primarily focus on comic book-inspired characters, with no MCU figures announced.
  4. What sets the latest wave of Marvel Legends apart from previous releases? Unlike previous releases, the latest wave of Marvel Legends features a diverse mix of characters without a unifying theme, offering fans a unique assortment.
  5. Where can fans find more information and images of the newly revealed figures? Fans can find more information and images of the newly revealed figures by visiting Hasbro Pulse and exploring the latest updates on pre-orders and releases.

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