Marvel Legends Metal Claws Upgrade

Wolverine Metal Claws

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Sick of the bent plastic claws that look dull on your figure and don’t pop in your display? Often right out of the pack Wolverine will come with the claws looking like the below pic, twisted, faded grey and pointing in all directions.

Having launched V1 way back in 2016 we thought it was about time that we revisited the claws and made vast improvements on the fit and the materials we used.

The initial sets back in 2016 suffered from rusting in the winter as the metal wasn’t treated or galvanised, so over time we have listened to the feedback and made adjustments delivering a much better item.

These metal claws are a new design and are set to fit your standard Marvel Legends Wolverine.  You will receive 6 individual pins on mounted photo card ready to swap out your plastic ones

Directions for use for best results and video tutorial

Place the hands of the figure into warm / hot water to soften the plastic slightly

place the pins / claws into the port and allow the plastic to cool and settle around the new claw.

V.2 are made from Stainless Steel and are coated to protect against any rusting.

We ship worldwide and postage is calculated on check out to your location.

You can grab a set of these amazing claws HERE

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