Marvel Legends Wolverine Metal Claws (SNIKT / BESERKER)


Marvel Legends Metal Claws for Wolverine 6″ Action Figure



These metal claws are a new design and are set to fit your standard Marvel Legends Wolverine.  You will receive 6 individual pins on mounted photo card ready to swap out your plastic ones

Directions for use for best results;

Place the hands of the figure into warm / hot water to soften the plastic slightly

place the pins / claws into the port and allow the plastic to cool and settle around the new claw.

V.2 are made from Stainless Steel and are coated to protect against any rusting.

We ship worldwide and postage is calculated on check out to your location.

Item is of Limited Stock

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Marvel Legends UK Metal Claws

Marvel Legends Metal Claws for Wolverine 6" Action Figure

15 reviews for Marvel Legends Wolverine Metal Claws (SNIKT / BESERKER)

  1. Prodway

    Prodway (verified owner)

    Imagine a world where you still use grey bendy plastic claws for your Wolverine…..awful. Worry no more because now your Logan, James, Weapon X or Wolverine can have the claws he deserves. Easy to use, aesthetically perfect and sharp as hell! Couldn’t recommend these more, a must for every collector.

  2. Wings


    Can’t emphasise enough how much these elevate any Wolverine figure. Claws port it superbly, have a clean shiny finish and look epic on the shelf and in figure photography. Used them on my Apocalypse wave figure and a Retro brown and now all my other Logan’s are lacking the same finish. Definitely rate these 5*

  3. Michael Bell


    Really elevate any legends Wolverine figure and look great in figure photography!

  4. joetboyd


    Bought these the other day, the seller actually lived close by so he hand delivered them on the day! Now to the figure, I’m currently using them on the new Bonebreaker wave Wolverine and my god do they look nice, much nicer than the original claws and they actually keep their shape! Thanks again!

  5. MrWhite


    What better way to bring Wolverine to life than actual metal claws.

    They work perfectly with the figure and easy to install.

  6. kev.turnbull


    If you’ve got Wolverine and you haven’t bought these claws, which compliment him beautifully…….then what the hell are you waiting for BUB!!! These are fantastic, so well made, awesome finish and they really step up Wolvey’s game once added to the figure. What’s not to love!🫶🏼👏🏼👍🏼

  7. ToyTallica Schwindling


    Amazing! Used them on the new Jim Lee styled Retro Carded Pinless Wolverine. It is such a big improvement! And really easy to attach. Now the figure is perfect. These old plastic claws where.. all but not SNIKT!

  8. kdaly098


    Really happy with these metal claws for my tiger stripe Wolverine. They look so much better than the plastic ones

  9. jaimej.hernandez


    Love these claws! Excellent quality and craftsmanship!

  10. Alfiefurlonger

    Alfiefurlonger (verified owner)

    Looks really good on my wolverine

  11. Freethought


    What an upgrade from the stock plastic! Not for kids let’s be clear! Quite sharp … as they should be!

  12. Jai Gibson


    Excellent quality. A worthwhile upgrade!

  13. Tim Long

    tim78 (verified owner)

    Excellent product. Really upgrades the figure. Easy to follow video for fitting them. Arrived very quickly

  14. wolversteve009


    Wow MLUK take a bow! As a HUGE Wolverine fan I’ve suffered like you with the great bendy claws from the 1st 80’s Wolverine figure to now. But these metal claws for our modern day Marvel legends Logan’s are truly the best there is! Absolutely brilliant idea, amazing authentic look and sleek, neat fit! Well played all. I’m truly impressed. @Wolversteve

  15. sheah64


    Absolutely love these and I can’t wait to add them to my figure!

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