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Marvel fans, get ready for an exhilarating experience as Bethesda Softworks and Marvel Games unveil a groundbreaking project at The Game Awards 2023—Marvel’s Blade!

The dynamic collaboration brings together the acclaimed developer Arkane Lyon, renowned for their masterpieces like DEATHLOOP and Dishonoured series, to craft an immersive, mature, single-player, third-person game based on the iconic comic book hero Blade.

Celebrating Blade’s 50th anniversary, Bill Rosemann, VP and Creative Director of Marvel Games, expressed excitement about the synergy between the Daywalker and Arkane Lyon. He praised the studio’s uncompromising artistry, innovation in game design, and their personal passion for bringing Blade, the half-human, half-vampire iconoclast, to life in a bold new vision.

Arkane Lyon, at the early stages of development, promises a game that not only features an original story but also showcases their signature immersive gameplay and world-class narrative. For a tantalising glimpse into this exciting venture, fans can check out the Announcement Trailer for ‘Marvel’s Blade.’

Dinga Bakaba, Game Director at Arkane Lyon, shared his personal connection to Blade, citing the hero’s dual heritage as a source of inspiration. He expressed the team’s eagerness to put their unique spin on the character, turning Blade into the champion of Bakaba’s hometown of Paris, staking vampires one at a time.

Marvel’s Blade game will transport players to a quarantined section of Paris amid a supernatural crisis. Vampires have emerged, casting a shadow over the City of Lights, compelling Parisians to seek shelter at night. The game’s setting promises a thrilling adventure as players join Blade in combating the vampire menace, navigating the immersive and stylized world crafted by Arkane Lyon.

Sebastien Mitton, Co-Creative and Art Director at Arkane Lyon, highlighted the opportunity to infuse modernity and boldness into Arkane’s art style while staying true to Blade’s slick and stylish essence. The project aims to push the boundaries of impactful ideas and innovative craftsmanship, delivering a gaming experience that resonates with both the character’s legacy and Arkane’s creative vision.

Marvel’s Blade is set to redefine superhero gaming, offering a fresh perspective on the legendary character in the unique backdrop of a quarantined Paris. Prepare to step into Blade’s boots and become the champion the city needs in this thrilling and visually stunning collaboration between Bethesda Softworks, Arkane Lyon, and Marvel Games.In Marvel’s Blade, Eric Brooks is the legendary Daywalker, half-man, half-vampire torn between the warm society of the living and the rushing power of the undead. From Bethesda and Arkane Lyon, Marvel’s Blade is a mature, single-player, third-person game set in the heart of Paris, now in development in collaboration with Marvel Games

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