MCM London ComicCon 2022 Reveals

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At MCM London 2022, we saw the reveals of Extremis Ironman, Ultimate Captain America, Wonderman, Yolena Belova. Dan Yun confirmed that these last 2 figures would make up the Avengers 2022 wave, alongside already revealed Molecule Man, and The Orb. No news as of yet on the Build-a-Figure for this wave, but we could see this revealed in the European Comic Cons in the coming weeks.

Other reveals over the weekend we saw;

Baron Von Strucker

Marvel Legend Extremis Suit Ironman

Marvel Legends Extremis Ironman updated from the 2012 release
Marvel Legends Extremis Ironman set for November 2022 release

Marvel Legends Ultimate Captain America set for 2022 release

Ultimate Captain America – The Ultimates #1 (March 2002)
Photo credit Dan Who

Marvel Legends Yolena Belova set for release 2022

Yolena Belova – First appearance Inhumans #5 (March 1999)

Marvel Legends Wonder Man set for release 2023

Marvel Legends The Orb

Official photos yet to be released – The Orb set for release 2022

Marvel Legends Molecule Man set for release 2022

More reveals over the weekend included

Marvel Legends Pretty Boy

Marvel Legends WhatIf Erik Killmonger

Marvel Legends Zero

Marvel Legends Random

Marvel Legends Vertigo

We will continue to add to the reveals list as MCM London 2022 comes to a close

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