Marvel Legends Phoenix Force Cyclops


includes Chest Armour also – This is an MLUK design and is based on the Phoenix Force Cyclops – supplied unpainted

After the Phoenix Force was split by Iron Man, it possessed Cyclops, Emma Frost, Namor, Colossus, and Magik. These X-Men, now known as the Phoenix Five, returned to Earth to bring forth tomorrow.

The Phoenix Five built a grand new Utopia, a floating fortress, for mutantkind. They began working to provide power, food and water for all the Earth. Not content with just that, they outlawed war altogether. Their infinite power detached them from humanity, and the Avengers mistrusted the Five. Wishing to prepare for the day when the Five would lose control and become destructive, they tried to retrieve Hope from Utopia. Cyclops and Emma alone defeated the Avengers, but they were saved by the timely intervention of the Scarlet Witch, who teleported the Avengers, and Hope, to safety.



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