Hailee Steinfeld’s Return as Marvel’s Kate Bishop Teased for Phase 5 by Disney

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Hawkeye brought several new characters into the MCU, and Hailee Steinfeld’s Kate Bishop was one who seemed destined to be a big future player.

There are very few actors who enter the MCU as a hero with the intention of making a single appearance. Hailee Steinfeld made her debut as Kate Bishop in Hawkeye last year, and although there were no plans in place at the time for her return, it was always assumed that the young archer would be back again in the future. Now, according to reports by The Direct, Steinfeld will be reprising her popular role sometime in Phase 5 following a seemingly leaked character checklist that was posted for a short time on the Disney Latino official website.

Hailee Steinfeld was introduced as a would-be protégé of Jeremy Renner’s Clint Barton aka Hawkeye. While the Avenger was somewhat against putting the youngster in danger, her persistence led to the pair of them teaming up throughout the show, with Bishop’s abilities as a fighter coming to the fore and proving that there could be something of an Avenger in her. That would be appropriate considering her place amongst the Young Avengers in Marvel Comics lore, and with so many young characters being introduced over the last few years, there is a strong likelihood that we will be seeing Kate Bishop taking that role sometime soon.

Marvel’s Haweye Season 1

While the post on Disney’s site has since been deleted, the article concerned characters that “people should know” before the arrival of Phase 5. With the MCU now spanning TV and film, there are more and more crossovers happening that could leave fans who are not keeping up with the MCU’s Disney+ shows scratching their heads over some new characters. Just like WandaVision set up Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Hawkeye has set up several other future projects, including Echo and could also cross over into the new Daredevil Reborn show.

Of course, the question now is where could Bishop make her next MCU appearance. There are plenty of options. Disney+ series Echo will have several ties to Hawkeye, and that could mean that both Barton and Bishop have some role to play there. However, Steinfeld has also been seen around the set of Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, which could mean she has some kind of appearance in that sequel early next year.

Hawkeye could also be getting a second season, despite originally being a limited series. The show was a reasonable hit on Disney+, not least for its introduction of Vincent D’Onofrio’s Kingpin to the MCU, and after originally being listed for Emmy consideration in the Limited Series category, the show was changed to being part of the Comedy series category instead. While this could just be Marvel Studios leaving the door open a little, many believe this was intentionally done as Jeremy Renner will be getting a second season as Hawkeye, which would probably feature Steinfeld’s Bishop in some way.

Marvel Studios is obviously keeping its cards close to its chest about many plans even though they laid out a roadmap of Phases 4 to 6 at San Diego Comic-Con this year. However, it is always worth revisiting some previous Marvel projects while awaiting the next installment, and there are worse things fans could do than give Hawkeye another watch on Disney+, where the whole series is currently available.

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