Hasbro reveals Marvel Legends X-Men #275 Gambit figure

Yellow and Blue Uncanny Xmen Suits

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We knew more members of this squad were coming but Hasbro didn’t have us waiting to long to show off everyone’s favorite mutant Cajun.

For November’s 20th day reveal, we got Gambit in his training suit attire from Uncanny X-Men #275.

Marvel Legends Gambit

It also looks like Hasbro threw in a new head sculpt, which is a nice improvement over previous versions. This one certainly seems to have more of a Jim Lee style to it.

Gambit joins the previously revealed Wolverine, Storm and Banshee so we’ve still got Jubilee, Forge and Psylocke left.

Marvel Legends Stprm
Storm (Yellow and Blue Suit)
Marvel Legends Banshee
Banshee (Yellow and Blue Suit)

The already released Wolverine (Yellow and Blue Suit)

Marvel Legends Wolverine #275
Wolverine (Yellow and Blue Suit)

To finish off the team we now only need a re released forge as the one we already have is slightly off colour so this gives Hasbro the perfect opportunity to re paint and re use (sigh)

Marvel Legends Forge

Jubilee and Psylocke yet to be announced but expect to drop mid 2023

X-men #275

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