10 Marvel Comics Villains We Really Want To See In The MCU

Marvel Villains in the MCU

1 – Super-Skrull The Skrulls, a shapeshifting alien race introduced in “Captain Marvel,” were portrayed as peaceful and passive refugees in the movie, which differed greatly from their portrayal in the comics. As dangerous and violent. Kl’rt, a Super-Skrull infused with the powers of the Fantastic Four, is a particularly nasty example of the Skrulls […]

What’s next for Haslab?

Ghost Rider Robbie Reyes Engine of Vengeance

Following the recent Haslab failure, many collectors are now wondering where this project can go. Haslab was brought into play to bring the unimaginable toys into the market that we wouldn’t normally see. With the first introduction into the Legends line, The Sentinel was an instant hit. THE SENTINEL £350 saw the Sentinel stands over […]

Heralds of Galactus

So who do you want to see next released from the plethora of heralds and who do we have so far? Silver Surfer Norrin Radd, The SIlver Surfer served Galactus well for several decades (likely almost 100 years), enjoying exploring the wonders of the universe; however, it became increasingly difficult for Radd to find energy-rich worlds devoid […]