What is a Marvel Legend Action Figure?

Marvel Legends Captain America

Marvel Legends, an iconic action figure line rooted in the rich tapestry of Marvel Comics, initially took shape under the guidance of Toy Biz and later continued its legacy with Hasbro at the helm. Unveiled in 2002 as an offshoot of Spider-Man Classics, Marvel Legends swiftly carved its niche with a 6-inch (150 mm) scale, […]

Deadpool 3 Tweet from Ryan Reynolds

Marvel Deadpool 3 Wolverine

Have we seen the start of the Deadpool Corps dropping into the MCU? Earlier this week Ryan Reynolds shared a tweet (X, or what ever its called these days) of the teams newest recruit Now from this image alone, nothing much is given away but previous to the screen shot which appears to be taken […]


Marvel Legends Green Goblin Figure

MCU Collector gives an in hand look at the MCU’s No Way Home Green Goblin! As great as the figure looks, I think we are all in agreement that the original Raimi Green Goblins outfit is still one we would all love to have re done so that he fits in near perfect with the […]


Wolverine Metal Claws

We launched V.2 at the start of April and safe to say we have enjoyed seeing the new SNIKT Claws on display. With X-Men 97 just around the corner, we thought we would go back and have a look at the displays and posts we had been tagged in when the new claws had been […]

Blade Head Alternative?

Marvel Legends Blade

One of the annoying factors with the latest release is the head / face is stuck in a screaming expression. Annoyingly Blade didn’t come with an alternative head (other than the Mindless One BAF Head) In a dynamic pose he looks fantastic, and in displays he will also pop, however if you are an avid […]

Hasbro reveals Spider-Man: No Way Home-inspired Marvel Legends wave at PULSCON 2023

Marvel Legends Spider-Man PULSECON 2023 reveals

Did Hasbro just give fans the middle finger? PulseCon was in full swing, and enthusiasts are buzzing with excitement as the event brings forth a plethora of announcements and revelations from various brands under the Hasbro umbrella. While iconic franchises like Star Wars and Transformers undoubtedly command attention, it’s Marvel Legends that continue to captivate […]


Marvel Legends HasLab Giant Man Reveal

From the laboratory that created Pym Particles and the android Ultron, & the crowdfunding program that brought you Sentinel and Galactus, comes a larger-than-life Avenger. Pym Labs partners with HasLab for the biggest Super Hero to hit the Marvel Legends Series: Giant-Man! In honour of Marvel Comics’ 60th anniversary of the Avengers, Hasbro are proud […]


Marvel Legends Joe Fix It deluxe figure for sale

REVIEW: Marvel Legends Joe Fixit Hulk Walmart Exclusive Figure Joe Fixit, the Las Vegas Mob Enforcer, ranks quite low on my list of preferred Hulk versions. I didn’t particularly regret missing the Joe Fixit BAF from the Marvel Legends GamerVerse series in 2020. However, being able to acquire him as a Marvel Legends 2023 Walmart […]

SDCC 2023: Hasbro’s Marvel Legends Exclusive Reveals and Pre-order Information

Marvel Legends SDCC 2023 Reveals

San Diego Comic-Con 2023, Hasbro made a grand entrance with the unveiling of the Deadpool and Bob Marvel Legends pack, an exclusive set available only at the event. This remarkable set was showcased during Hasbro’s Breakfast event, followed by the highly anticipated annual Marvel panel. The panel featured the announcement of new Marvel Legends figures, […]

“Web” Article Marvel Legends Spider-Man and Morbius 2 Pack

Marvel Legends 2 Pack Spider-Man and Morbius

Introducing Marvel Legends Series: Spider-Man and Morbius Action Figures Are you a fan of the Marvel Universe? Get ready to bring the excitement and wonder of your favourite characters to life with the all-new Spider-Man and Morbius action figures from the Hasbro Marvel Legends Series! This collectible 6-inch-scale figure set is a must-have addition to […]