Surprise Twist: Creator Beau DeMayo Axed from ‘X-Men ’97’ Right Before Premiere

In a twist of events right before the highly anticipated debut of a beloved franchise revival, writer-producer Beau DeMayo, known for his work on ‘Moon Knight’ and ‘Blade’, has been abruptly let go from the project, leaving fans puzzled and intrigued. Just weeks ago, Beau DeMayo was deeply entrenched in the world of Marvel Studios, […]

What is a Marvel Legend Action Figure?

Marvel Legends Captain America

Marvel Legends, an iconic action figure line rooted in the rich tapestry of Marvel Comics, initially took shape under the guidance of Toy Biz and later continued its legacy with Hasbro at the helm. Unveiled in 2002 as an offshoot of Spider-Man Classics, Marvel Legends swiftly carved its niche with a 6-inch (150 mm) scale, […]

Unveiling the Marvel Legends Wolverine 50th Anniversary Patch and Joe Fixit 2-Pack

Marvel Legends Joe Fixit (Mr Fixit) and Patch

Marvel enthusiasts, get ready to celebrate Wolverine’s 50th anniversary with the all-new Marvel Legends Wolverine 50th Anniversary Patch and Joe Fixit 2-Pack from Hasbro. This dynamic duo, inspired by Marvel Comics Wolverine #8 (1989), brings Patch and Joe Fixit together for an epic team-up, vividly sculpted and showcased in their iconic white suits. The premium […]

Unveiling the Marvel Movies and Series Lineup for 2024

2024 is shaping up to be an exciting year for Marvel fans, with several highly-anticipated movies and TV series set to premiere. However, recent schedule changes have led to some confusion regarding exactly which titles will arrive next year. In this post, we’ll break down the latest information on Marvel’s 2024 film and streaming slate. […]

New Wave of ‘X-Men 97’ Figures Revealed

Hasbro Reveals New Wave of 'X-Men 97' Figures

Coming soon to Hasbro Pluse (and also Disney+…) a brand new wave of figures from Marvel Studios’ X-Men 97 has arrived! When the mutant mayhem picks back up in the new original animated series, it’ll feel like no time has passed — even though many characters have received a new look and updated. The latest wave of […]


Wolverine Metal Claws

We launched V.2 at the start of April and safe to say we have enjoyed seeing the new SNIKT Claws on display. With X-Men 97 just around the corner, we thought we would go back and have a look at the displays and posts we had been tagged in when the new claws had been […]

Artist Picture of the Day

Marvel Legends Action Figure Photography

Today marks the start of the daily support to all our members who love to photograph their action figures. Every day we will highlight 1 artist, across all our socials, website and groups and look to promote their channels to all the accounts our content reaches X-MEN Artist – @peeweegarage1 Link – Please click […]

X-Men 97

X-Men: The Animated Series, also known as X-Men ’97, is a beloved animated series that first aired in 1992. The show was ground breaking in its portrayal of the popular Marvel Comics superhero team and quickly became a fan favourite. Now, over 30 years later, a new generation of fans is eagerly anticipating the upcoming […]

Hasbro Live Stream 06/11/2022

Today’s live stream was all about the X gene and whats to come in 2023. As an X-Men fan and completion collector, this was the perfect stream for us personally. The Legends team kicked off with showing us a few figures we had already seen with a couple of thrown in additions. First up was […]

Hasbro reveals Marvel Legends X-Men #275 Gambit figure

Yellow and Blue Uncanny Xmen Suits

We knew more members of this squad were coming but Hasbro didn’t have us waiting to long to show off everyone’s favorite mutant Cajun. For November’s 20th day reveal, we got Gambit in his training suit attire from Uncanny X-Men #275. It also looks like Hasbro threw in a new head sculpt, which is a […]