Introducing the Latest Marvel Legends: Celebrating 85 Years with Venom!

marvel venom

Hasbro unveils its latest gem for Marvel enthusiasts: the 85th Anniversary Venom Figure. As part of the celebration of Marvel Comics’ 85 years of iconic storytelling, Hasbro introduces a new lineup of Marvel Legends figures, and IGN has the exclusive reveal of the newest addition to the Marvel 85th Anniversary line – the stunning Venom […]

Marvel Legends Fantastic Four Pack: Wolverine and Spider-Man Join Forces!

Get ready to swing into action with the latest Marvel Legends release: the Wolverine and Spider-Man 2-pack! This dynamic duo brings together two iconic heroes in true Fantastic Four style, and it’s available for preorder now at just £49.99. Hasbro has unveiled this exciting addition to the Marvel Legends Series, featuring none other than Wolverine […]

Why Spider-Man: The Animated Series Deserves a Comeback on Our TV Screens Alongside X-Men ’97

As the realm of nostalgia continues to reign supreme in the entertainment industry, one cannot help but reminisce about the golden age of animated superhero shows. Among these cherished classics stands “Spider-Man: The Animated Series,” a seminal piece of 90s animation that captured the hearts of audiences worldwide. With the recent announcement of “X-Men ’97” […]

Hasbro Reveal New Marvel Legends

Marvel Legends 2024 Reveals

Introduction A Closer Look at the Reveals Hasbro recently gave fans a sneak peek into its forthcoming lineup for the Marvel Legends series, and it’s nothing short of exhilarating. The unveiling presents a diverse array of characters spanning from Spider-Man and the X-Men to Captain America characters and beyond, promising an eclectic mix that will […]

The Return Of Marvel Zombies?

Zombie Thanos

Marvel Zombies, teased at the 2022 San Diego Comic-Con, may bring back What If…?’s survivors and introduce an undead Thanos. Despite the lack of official release details, the series, born from comic origins, gained traction in What If…? Season 1. In the “What If… Zombies?!” episode, fan-favourite heroes faced off against undead versions of iconic […]

What is a Marvel Legend Action Figure?

Marvel Legends Captain America

Marvel Legends, an iconic action figure line rooted in the rich tapestry of Marvel Comics, initially took shape under the guidance of Toy Biz and later continued its legacy with Hasbro at the helm. Unveiled in 2002 as an offshoot of Spider-Man Classics, Marvel Legends swiftly carved its niche with a 6-inch (150 mm) scale, […]

Kingpin’s Rise: Setting the Stage for Spider-Man 4 After Echo’s Impact

As the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) continues to weave its intricate tapestry, the aftermath of “Spider-Man: No Way Home” has left Peter Parker in a solitary position, providing a fresh canvas for the upcoming “Spider-Man 4.” The recent Disney+ miniseries “Echo” has now laid the groundwork for a compelling antagonist, with Kingpin emerging as a […]


Marvel Legends Green Goblin Figure

MCU Collector gives an in hand look at the MCU’s No Way Home Green Goblin! As great as the figure looks, I think we are all in agreement that the original Raimi Green Goblins outfit is still one we would all love to have re done so that he fits in near perfect with the […]

Disturbing Moments From The MCU

The MCUs most disturbing moments

Black Bolt’s Death ‘Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness In one of the alternate realities explored by Doctor Strange in “Multiverse of Madness,” there’s a group called the Illuminati, an alternate version of the Avengers. When Scarlet Witch confronts them, an intense showdown unfolds, setting the stage for a classic superhero action sequence, much […]

Marvel Magic Unveiled at New York Comic Con 2023

New York Comic Con 2023

New York Comic Con 2023 Marvel’s inaugural day at the anticipated New York Comic Con (NYCC) 2023 has successfully unfolded, introducing a panorama of breaking news, sneak peeks behind the curtain, exclusive giveaways, and convention-special merchandise available at the Marvel Booth (#2153)! Cosplay enthusiasts paraded their striking attires, mingling with fellow Marvel aficionados during panels […]

Hasbro reveals Spider-Man: No Way Home-inspired Marvel Legends wave at PULSCON 2023

Marvel Legends Spider-Man PULSECON 2023 reveals

Did Hasbro just give fans the middle finger? PulseCon was in full swing, and enthusiasts are buzzing with excitement as the event brings forth a plethora of announcements and revelations from various brands under the Hasbro umbrella. While iconic franchises like Star Wars and Transformers undoubtedly command attention, it’s Marvel Legends that continue to captivate […]

Spider-Man Exclusive Amazing Fantasy Retro Marvel Legends 


Amazing Fantasy #15, released in August 1962, stands as a monumental landmark in Marvel Comics history. This issue marked the debut of Spider-Man, forever transforming the landscape of superhero narratives. Over the years, Spider-Man has climbed to the pinnacle of superhero stardom, making him one of the most recognized and adored characters globally. In homage […]

Every MCU Movie Ranked Worst To Best

Every MCU Movie Ranked Worst To Best pahse 1 - 5

Marvel’s Phase 5 is in full swing, and with a staggering 32 movies under their belt, Marvel Studios has firmly cemented itself as Hollywood’s powerhouse, amassing an impressive $29.6 billion at the global box office within just over a decade. Their approach to blockbuster franchises has revolutionised the industry, and a significant part of their […]

“Web” Article Marvel Legends Spider-Man and Morbius 2 Pack

Marvel Legends 2 Pack Spider-Man and Morbius

Introducing Marvel Legends Series: Spider-Man and Morbius Action Figures Are you a fan of the Marvel Universe? Get ready to bring the excitement and wonder of your favourite characters to life with the all-new Spider-Man and Morbius action figures from the Hasbro Marvel Legends Series! This collectible 6-inch-scale figure set is a must-have addition to […]

Marvel Legends VHS 2 Pack Green Goblin and Mary Jane Land In Dublin Ireland

Marvel Legends VHS 2 Pack Green Goblin and Mary Jane Land In The UK

Earlier tonight, one lucky group member revealed in hand pics of the VHS 2 Pack Green Goblin and Mary Jane. And YES! They look better in hand, according to Derrick O’Rourke. The delivery came from Big Bang Comics Big Bang Comics have their finger on the pulse and have shipped long before Hasbro have managed […]

Artist Picture of the Day

Across the spiderverse

Every day we will highlight 1 artist, across all our socials, website and groups and look to promote their channels to all the accounts our content reaches Across the Spider-Verse Artist – Anakin Leong Please click the link and give the community members a follow, it makes your insta feeds, Facebook feeds much more interesting […]

Spider-Man 4: Breaking New Ground in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Spider-Man Trilogy set for a forth movie instalment

The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is on the verge of achieving the impossible: producing a fourth instalment in a single Spider-Man series. Amidst various Spider-Man-centric projects in development, including a spin-off featuring Hailee Steinfeld’s Spider-Woman and a live-action movie focused on Miles Morales, the most exciting revelation is the confirmation of a fourth MCU Spider-Man […]